Selling your home quickly can be a bit of a nightmare, particularly if the market is a little bit slow in your area. Quite often this means that, unless you’re willing to take a financial hit for a quick sale, it can take a long time for your home to sell. However, there’s no need for this to be the case, and there are actually a number of things that you can do to help move the sale process along. Here, we look at three of our top tips for when you want to sell your house.


Paint and Reinvigorate

If your area has quite a slow housing market, then you need to take pre-emptive steps to make your home stand out. As a result, before you put your home on the market, you should paint and reinvigorate it, ensuring that it has curb appeal on the outside and warmth on the inside.

This can be very simple and can all be done for a very low budget. In fact, it can be as simple as adding a lick of paint and hoovering round. Before your home goes to market, it’s essential that you finish off all the DIY jobs you’ve been planning and you refresh the paintwork. Potential buyers will go over your home with a fine toothcomb. By refreshing and reinvigorating your home, it’ll look appealing, well looked after and will stand out on the market, increasing viewings and the likelihood of getting an offer.

Scour the Local Market

Secondly, and again before your home goes to the local market, ensure that you scour the market thoroughly. You can even go and visit a number of houses that are already on the market to get a feel for the properties available and how you can market yours to beat them.

This will also give you a really detailed idea about costs involved with properties on the market and the money you should be able to get for your home. By finding an edge on the other properties and noting a competitive price, you’ll be able to present your home in a way that it should sell quickly. You could even look at online articles (like and similar others) to know more about ways to sell your home.

Look at Alternatives to the High Street

Finally, if you’re in a real hurry to sell and the above will take too long, then consider looking at alternatives to the high street. By selling your home online, you’ll be able to complete a sale in as little as seven days.

If selling online doesn’t appeal, you could even look at auctions, too.

So there we have it, three simple tips if you’re looking to sell your home fast.