In the diamond industry, Canada is known to be one of the world’s largest producers of raw diamonds. According to the National Resources Canada, the country ranked 3rd in 2019 as the globe’s most significant diamond manufacturer by value and volume. The Canadian mines have produced about $2.25 billion worth of diamonds in 2019 – which by number, although had a record of 20% decrease compared to their 2018 production statistics, seems to be a hefty sum of money in the industry. 

As diamonds are known for being the hardest mineral, it has been overly used throughout centuries. As the stone can withstand any type of abrasion and grind, it is the most commonly used tool for some miners and industrial workers, besides its popularity in fashion and investments. As Canada is one of the top producers, here are some of the details of where the country collects its Maple diamonds.

1. Gancho Kue Diamond Mine

This Kennedy Lake Canadian diamond mine has been officially opened for industrial use back on September 20, 2016, and remains one of the country’s richest diamond mines. The mine is stated to have manufactured over 50 million carats of diamonds and is expected to stand still for 12 years maximum. 

2. Diavik Diamond Mine

Along with Canada’s Northwest territories stands a diamond mine in Slave Craton and the country’s top diamond production mines. The mine was opened in 2003 January, being the largest open-pit diamond mines all over the globe. It has been recorded to have composed around 8 million carats per annum. 

Unlike other typical mines, the Diavik had been a breath of fresh air as it is an open ground mine and can only be accessible by aircraft. As Canada is known for winter, transitory ice roads are also used. 

3. Ekati Mine

The Ekati Diamond Mine holds the Maple-leaf country’s first underground diamond mining operation. The discovery and expedition of the mine were initially started in 1981 but was only officially opened in 1998 October. The mine has then produced an estimate of 68 million carats of diamond (until 2017) and is still making more.  

4. Renard Diamond Mine

Quebec has always been the talk of the town as one of the most beautiful places in Canada. The province had given birth to its first and only diamond mine, officially introducing it for practical use last 2014 July. 

The Renard Mine was expected to shell out 1.6 million carats of diamond annually and is proclaimed to have a life span of 14 years. It has been operating nine pipes with both open and underground layout, unique among other Canadian mines. 


Throughout the decades, diamonds had always been a source of income, investment, social status, collection, and desire. As Canada holds one of the largest mines that manufactures such precious stones, it is a no-brainer that supplies most global diamond suppliers, sellers, luxury brands, and investors. Apart from that, Canadian diamonds trademark their diamonds to fully acknowledge that the diamond itself is directly from the country – making it recognizable and hard to imitate. For other jewelry and engagement rings, visit Luxury Diamonds Vancouver.