Most firms have training programmes in place. In today’s business environment, it is necessary to train staff in some way just to comply with legislation. For example, by providing health and safety training or, if you work in the food service sector, food safety training.

The type of training most firms carry out now

Of course, this type of training is essential. If you do not provide it, you fall foul of the law and can easily end up facing large fines, prosecution or being shut down. Naturally, this danger is a big driver behind the fact that the vast majority of firms comply and provide this sort of training.


Why firms do not bother with leadership training

Most firms are prepared to invest money in this health and safety training and the other forms of training required by law. Yet often those same firms will not invest a penny in the most important form of training and that is staff development training. In particular, setting up and running a comprehensive executive leadership program.

This is largely because many companies do not understand the benefits of setting up such an initiative. In addition, they worry about the impact of taking key personnel out of the business on a regular basis to receive training. Lastly, they worry about the cost of providing this type of training.

All of these concerns are understandable, but are they legitimate concerns? To find out let’s look at each of them in turn.

The benefits of leadership training

There is a lot to say about the benefits of leadership training and we will, at a later date, cover the subject in detail. However, for now let us sum it up in a few sentences.

If you want people in your organisation to have a good work ethic, to work efficiently and produce high quality products and service you need to create an environment that is conducive to this. The only way to do that is to instil the right principles in your management team.


People naturally copy the behaviour of those above them in an organisation. If your management team sets a good example, their team will follow. They need to know how to give off the right signals as well as how to set effective and clear goals and communicate them to their team. These are not skills most people are born with, they need to be learnt. This is where most Business Coaching Programs come into the picture. Picking the right program for your leadership team can greatly empower them to make better decisions and manage employees to foster a culture of collaboration.

Removing key personnel for training

In the beginning, you will need to take key personnel out of the workflow to start the training process. However, it need not be for long. Just a few days or a week is enough. Do not be overly concerned by doing so. After all, every year, these people take holidays and time off sick without harming your business.

The cost issue

All training costs money, there is not getting away from it, but so does buying a new and faster machine. You spend money on that because you know you will get the cost of your investment back and make more money. The same is true of your people. Invest in them and they will be more productive and make your firm more profitable in the end.