3 ATM Fees To Know About Abroad, And How To Minimize Them

The use of credit cards has increased worldwide, and you can and should recommend paying by credit card for as many purchases as possible during your holidays abroad. An important reason: the use of an ATM machine abroad usually generates a large number of charges and surcharges higher than those of a cable or mobile bill.

The rates are confusing and can even add up after a few weeks of travel. Here you will find information on the most popular travel destinations in Europe, Canada and Mexico, as well as details on how these fees are charged and how you can eliminate or at least limit them. Continue reading “3 ATM Fees To Know About Abroad, And How To Minimize Them”

Corporate Banking Challenges of 2019

The banking industry isn’t limited to loan financing and managing interest rates on savings accounts anymore. It is changing into a more dynamic front with several pre-defined and highly specialized business processes that go from customer onboarding all the way to customer service. In the retail banking sector, banking entities now have to worry about social media presence as well as quick grievance redressal systems before a complaint turns into a social media storm. Continue reading “Corporate Banking Challenges of 2019”

The different paths you can take into a career in finance

In 2017, the financial services sector contributed 119 billion to the UK economy. That accounted for 6.5% of the UK’s total economic output. It is one of the UK’s specialist industries and London is seen as the financial capital of the world. In 2017, there were 1.1 million financial services jobs in the UK, so it is clear that this is a very popular sector. You can even set up seminars and workshops through websites like https://www.leadjig.com/financial-seminar-marketing/, to reach a wider audience and help your current clients with specific needs. If you do want to enter it, you have a choice to make: which path do you want to take? Continue reading “The different paths you can take into a career in finance”

Forex Trading Account UK

While trading has developed in the last few years, not everyone can own a forex trading account UK. Before venturing in forex trading, it is important to consider your target market. You can choose between; energies, currencies, stocks, options, or futures. Each market comes with advantages as well as disadvantages. In the event you choose to venture in foreign exchange market, it is important to understand the benefits and disadvantages involved.

Continue reading “Forex Trading Account UK”

5 Important Insurance Types that You Should Definitely Have

Let me stop your yawn right there because insurance is not something that should be taken lightly. Yes, we tend to nod off a little when someone talks about insurance but if you don’t take measures now, your family will be looking at piles and piles of bills in the future. Every penny you save now means more flexibility and resources for your business and yourself. Continue reading “5 Important Insurance Types that You Should Definitely Have”

On Business Finances: Here’s how Disaster Brings Loss, but Rebuilding Brings Benefits

In the interconnected economy of today, the economic outcome of a natural disaster is rarely restricted to the affected geographical area. Even when a natural disaster occurs thousands of miles away, you can feel the effect on your financial portfolio at home. Continue reading “On Business Finances: Here’s how Disaster Brings Loss, but Rebuilding Brings Benefits”

The Most Popular Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency are traded in a very similar manner to other types of currency. In fact, they are most often traded in exchange for traditional currency. Just like Forex, there are professional arenas for trading and exchanges better suited to amateurs. When someone wants to enter the Forex market they must choose a brokerage, open an account with that firm and get to know the specific platform. If you are planning on trading bitcoin or cryptocurrency professionally you will have to choose a platform, verify your identity and open an account as well. There are other forums that are better suited to one person doing a couple of isolated trades.

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