The Most Popular Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency are traded in a very similar manner to other types of currency. In fact, they are most often traded in exchange for traditional currency. Just like Forex, there are professional arenas for trading and exchanges better suited to amateurs.  When someone wants to enter the Forex market they must choose a brokerage, open an account with that firm and get to know the specific platform.  If you are planning on trading bitcoin or cryptocurrency professionally you will have to choose a platform, verify your identity and open an account as well.  There are other forums that are better suited to one person doing a couple of isolated trades.

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Findings reveal which UK regions are the worst offenders, adding nothing to their pension pots

True Potential Investor has pulled together this well researched infographic below, from findings collated from Q4 2016. Research revealed that a large proportion of people saved nothing towards their retirement during this period. According to the UK private pension and online investment specialist, the South West (40%), Northern Ireland (38%) and East/East Anglia (36%) were the three worst offenders. Continue reading “Findings reveal which UK regions are the worst offenders, adding nothing to their pension pots”

Staying Updated With Your Knowledge of Finance and Accounting

If you’re going to be a part of business management, then you have to understand at least the basics of finance and accounting. And, for better or worse, these fields are constantly changing as the world around us turns. That means you have to stay updated as efficiently as possible. Continue reading “Staying Updated With Your Knowledge of Finance and Accounting”

Self-employed? 5 Top Tips for Getting a Mortgage!

If you’re self-employed, you’ll most likely be aware of how challenging it is to convince a lender to grant you a mortgage loan. It’s often part-and-parcel of self-employment you’re your remuneration can be sporadic and unpredictable; lenders, knowing this, are often concerned about whether you’ll be able to make your agreed loan repayments on time. Continue reading “Self-employed? 5 Top Tips for Getting a Mortgage!”

Untroubled Transactions: Savvy Tips for Better Business Travel

Business travel isn’t always a glamorous affair. From sleeping on the plane to having a bag constantly packed, your everyday routine can often be disturbed, leaving you feeling grumpy, disorientated, and downright miserable. Continue reading “Untroubled Transactions: Savvy Tips for Better Business Travel”

How Better Bookkeeping can help Expand Your Business

Good bookkeeping is one of the golden keys that unlock business success. Whether you’re hoping for greater profits, a wider network or clients or customers, or simply looking for ways to cut expenses, the answer can nearly always be found in the books. Continue reading “How Better Bookkeeping can help Expand Your Business”

Could Invoice Finance Help Your Business?

Invoice finance is a tool used my many businesses to help get access to funding immediately. It involves selling customer invoices to a factor in order to release their value immediately, bypassing the lengthy waiting time of between 30-120 days which it usually takes for a customer to pay. Here are some of the advantages of invoice finance. Continue reading “Could Invoice Finance Help Your Business?”