Going Beyond Convention with Your Marketing Tactics

Taking absolutely nothing away from conventional and traditional marketing tactics, especially those which are specific to certain industries and have proven to work time and again, the dynamic nature of the world we’re now living in requires of those of us who are in business to go beyond conventions and try to reach consumers at a level they’re increasingly becoming more accustomed to. It’s no longer enough just to take out an ad on the radio for example, so too something like aspiring to break the marketing budget and air an advert on prime time television. Continue reading “Going Beyond Convention with Your Marketing Tactics”

How Does Eco-Friendly Packaging Help Boost Sales?

Every business wants to boost sales and using Eco Friendly Packaging, similar to Nature Pac’s range in New Zealand, is one of the most effective methods. Most assume that switching to eco-friendly packaging will be too time-consuming or expensive, but there’s a whole industry dedicated to making it a viable direction for businesses large and small.

Here are just a few ways eco-friendly packaging will see sales surging.

Appeals to Younger Consumers

All consumers are becoming aware of how important it is to look for eco-friendly products, so adopting eco-friendly packaging should appeal to people’s inner environmentalist. The effect is most significant when it comes to younger consumers. Research has shown that 59% of millennials consider sustainable packaging important. Four out of five consider packaging decisions and the product itself of equal importance.

Shapes Brand Identity

Building a strong brand identity is vital if you want to boost sales. It helps you stand out from the competition, bring in repeat business, and appeal to new customers, all while acting as a guide for future marketing. Eco-friendly packaging can become part of your brand image. By using sustainable, recyclable, and durable packaging materials, you help shape your identity in the most positive way possible.

Suggests Quality Over Economy

When a business uses eco-friendly packaging, it suggests to the world that they care about their products. Imagine two identical products. One uses eco-friendly packaging, and the other uses old-fashioned packaging. You’d probably assume the former is of higher quality because more of an effort has been made.

Underlines Your Value

Returning to those millennials, research found that 44% are willing to pay extra for products that use sustainable packaging, with fibre-based packaging materials viewed most favourably. That’s partly because using an eco-friendly material underlines the value of what you’re selling. If consumers can tell you used eco-friendly materials for the packaging, they’ll be willing to part with more of their own money.

A disappointing marketing plan will make an investor run a mile. Here’s what you should avoid.

A marketing plan is an important aspect of the business process. It is what highlights how a brand intends to actualise set goals and objectives. Savvy investors, therefore, watch out for a properly drafted plan. Below are some mistakes that will put them off investments into your business. Continue reading “A disappointing marketing plan will make an investor run a mile. Here’s what you should avoid.”

The Top Elements that Make a Great Flyer

A flyer is a great way to get your message across to a multitude of people. However, there are reasons why they are successful – it’s not by accident. The flyer needs to be designed to grab the attention of the passerby. If not, your flyer will end up in the waste bin and never be read again. The design of your flyer for flyer printing will ultimately decide whether or not your efforts have gone to waste. Continue reading “The Top Elements that Make a Great Flyer”

Use Display Stands for Information Dissemination Regarding Promotions

The moment you decide to sell products and services in your business, don’t be shy about going all out with your advertising techniques. Make sure that you invest in traditional advertising methods like pop up banners and roll up banners. People need to know about your business. The best way for them to be informed is if they see the signs everywhere. Continue reading “Use Display Stands for Information Dissemination Regarding Promotions”

5 Tips For Presenting Your Business’s Social Image

When it comes time to present your business’s social image, there are a lot of factors that you have to pay attention to. And honestly, it’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you’re from a background that hasn’t ever put much emphasis on social media or things like viral branding via social channels.

Continue reading “5 Tips For Presenting Your Business’s Social Image”

5 Things to Avoid When Designing a Banner

Designing a banner appears to be a simple thing on the surface. Just put together the words and images you need, print it, and display it. Easy. But surprising numbers of banners fall flat, as designers underestimate the planning and skill involved in making an effective banner. if you are looking for the best place to start a career in design look no further. Continue reading “5 Things to Avoid When Designing a Banner”